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She Used To Be a Lesbian and She is Again

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Here’s a wild and sexy all girl scene from Daredorm that has plenty of teasing and whole bunch of pleasing.
Let’s just say someone’s past is back to make everyone else’s night more interesting!

Sometimes getting ready for a party is better than the actual party. This bunch of raver girls were getting ready to rave all night, when all of a sudden, one of the girls said she used to be a lesbian. Another responded that she’d never seen another girl’s vagina. That pretty much got the ball rolling, and they all decided to become lesbians for that night. Fuck the rave party! These girls were eating each other out in as many ways possible. They even used dildos and glow sticks to get off. This pre-rave party became a sex rave party of epic proportions.

Please of hot teasing, kissing, making out, and finally eating pussy and cumming in this 6 girl party… all good fun in this horny dorm!

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Best Friends and Breast Friends

breast friends best friends

Here’s one hell of a hot scene from Daredorm, with four girls in an all pussy party that is incredibly teasing but it pays off in the end, check out the story:

Whenever girls are having a slumber party, I always think that they are getting naked and pillow fighting all night, while teaching each other how to give blow jobs. Well, thats not the case for this dorm slumber party. There is no pillow fighting, and no bj class, instead there are four extremely hot naked girls, and they are teaching each other how to eat pussy. This latest daredorm submission is so hot it will definitely make you shoot your load within the first few sexual positions. You gotta watch the eating out train, or the four way kiss

It’s wild with the girls all making out and teasing each other and teaching each other the ways of the pussy! It’s an intensely teasing scene, but in the end, they eat each other out and cum hard!

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Three Horny Coeds Make Out For a Guy

This is a truly hot scene from Daredorm, a great home video for sure. Two girls are lying around the dorm, drinking a little bit and playing around with a video camera, making sort of sexy show off things for the camera. It’s pretty cool. Anyway, their dorm mate comes home with a guy she sort of wants to bang, and catches the two girls being very sexy. Well, they hand the camera to the guy and the three girls go for it in a sexy coed lesbian threeway right there in front of him. Very sexy teasing, nipple sucking, teen girls kissing, finger their pussies and generally having a really good time. You can tell these girls don’t do this all the time. Well, the guy is freaking out, filming the video and really enjoying the show. Finally one of the girls gives him the relief he needs as the girls hold the camera and make out watching him bang the girl. Very sexy scene indeed!

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