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Horny Teen Schoolgirls Kissing and Making Out

schoolgirls kissing

Time to play and have some fun. I always love to check out hot girls kissing, and this set from Club Seventeen has it and then some. Lana and Ashley are two hot and sexy schoolgirls, real cuties that you might see walking in the local shopping center. But they have a secret, they both really are turned on by girls. Put together in one room, it’s not long before these two smoking hot schoolgirls are kissing deeping and groping each other’s sexy bodies. This scene is full on lesbo schoolgirl action, but I love it more because they have plenty of making out and kissing and stuff up front, these girls are totally naturally and very much into having a good time, and the really make out like crazy! So sexy to see horny schoolgirls kissing, that is for sure!

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Teasing Girls Christmas Night Fun

teasing christmas lesbians

What did you do on Christmas Night? Well, Brigitte, Sascha and Jodi dressed up in their best and sexiest Christmas outfits and had a massively hot lesbian teasing session! these three girls are totally normal sweet girl next door types, but they love to play, and this Christmas gift is for all the guys who love to see real teen girls making out, sucking each others nipples, and teasing each other without mercy!

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Anne and Katja Teen Girls Kissing

teen girls kissing

Seeing two hot girls making out never gets old for me, and I love finding new cuties who are getting into each other in the most intimate way. Seeing sexy Anne and Kayja swapping spit and really getting into it is so much fun, it’s a hot tease for what is to come, that is for sure. These teen girls are both fairly lean and tight, they are smiling and happy and totally into getting each other off, so the teasing soon turns to pleasing as well. These girls know a thing or two about deep kissing, and they seem to know a how to use a sex toy to get off too. This scene goes from hotness to hotness as these horny teens drop the tease and go for it, with plenty of wet pussy action!

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Four Teens Wild All Girl Ski Vacation

teen girls flashing

What happens when four sexy and curious teen girls go on a sexy winter vacation together? Naughty stuff, that is for sure. Nicoletta, Linda, Betty and Lilly and four tasty teens I found over at Club Seventeen, and their ski trip is a pretty fun looking tease fest. They do some flashing for the camera on the ski slopes, and they are certainly getting a little touchy feelie with each other. When they get back to their cabin for the evening, they get into some really fun games, including trying to guess whos pussy is which one, blind folded and rubbing each other. You know this is going to get even better, but it’s the fun teasing lesbian play that is such fun!

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Lussy and Lara Making Out

Club Seventeen is a great site for all sorts of teen porn, and some of the hottest stuff is the very sexy and natural teen on teen lesbian action. Lots of teasing here, these girls are often doing their first even lesbian sex acts, and they are really sweet and natural. Plenty of kissing, teasing and playing as Lussy and Lara explore each others sexy bodies in a sweet and innocent way. They are certainly learning about girl on girl love as they go along, teasing each others bodies!

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Two Sexy Teens Taking a Shower

This is one of those scenes where a single picture can tell you everything about it. Frances and Paula are two girl next door type teens, and they are going to take a shower together while the camera roll. Now that’s sexy! These girls have a whole lot of fun, playing, teasing, and generally touching each other all over and turning each other on. All this lesbian teasing can only go so far before it’s pussy licking time, these two sexy teens just can’t resist the pull of the pussy! They lick each other’s pussy out and use some toys too, they both cum hard in this sexy teasing lesbian set!

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Claudia and Lola Outdoors Makeout Session

This set is fun for a couple of reasons. First off, if you look closely, the girl in the dark shirt is actually Little Caprice, a sexy pornstar now but an unknown when this scene was shot. The action here is sexy and fun. Two girls, outdoors, making out, playing, and finally getting very naughty. But it’s the sexy lead up that is fun, the kissing, the playing, and the breast exploration that shows you that these two girls aren’t your every day pussy lickers, this is their new fun play. It’s entirely sexy and hot to see girls making out in the great outdoors too!

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Amber and Martha Teasing Lesbian Play

I love scenes like this one from Club Seventeen, because the girls look so sweet and fresh, you sort of know they aren’t doing the girl girl thing very often. Amber and Martha are a hot pair, with some nice nervous smiles and laughs that tell you that these girls are really doing this perhaps for the first time. They do plenty of kissing and licking each others titties and such, before the toys come out and all hell breaks loose as our sweet innocent barely legal teen girls turn into raving lesbians looking for nothing more than a really great orgasm. It’s almost funny to watch, once they get into it, damn, these two girls really get into it. When they pause, the nervous laughs return, sort of as they realize what they just did. Sweet innocent lesbian sex, ain’t that hot?

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Cindy and Daisy Get Intimate

This fresh hot set from Club Seventeen pretty much hits every one of my favorite sexy teen lesbians fantasies. First off, the girls are hot but not that artificial model hot. They are really looking like girls next door. Second, they are sexy as hell and look more than a little shy to start out. Check out the boobs on Daisy, nice handfuls for sure, and Cindy’s nipples are rock hard, so you know they are into it. I love the first moment of the kiss, it’s just so hot, which is the other part of the fantasy. These girls have a sexy lesbian adventure, sweet and innocent and still all full of pussy juice.

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Teen Teasers Get Out Of Hand

Sometimes the sets that look mostly like teasing to start with end up being much more wild. Bridget and Giselle are two teens who look like they are going to have a nice little teasing session, with some kissing, titty squeezing, and maybe a little bit of mutual masturbation. But well, let’s just say the teasing gets serious when the girls get out a big bottle of lube and Giselle gets up getting her teen pussy fisted by her classmate. Wow, from teasing to fisting in one big jump, damn sexy and totally hot, and the teasing is still super sexy too. Want to help them out next time too?

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